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You found my About page! Thanks for that.

I’ve been writing and selling screenplays since 2013, beginning my career with A Big Love Story. The romantic comedy won several festival awards and was well-received by Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and more. In 2016, Halloweed was produced and had a nice run on Netflix. The horror-comedy featured Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, Ray Wise, and more. In 2018 I wrote Every 21 Seconds, based on Brian Sweeney's novel covering his traumatic brain injury and miraculous recovery.


In 2023 I wrote American Graveyard, a horror anthology featuring six intertwining stories that take place in the haunted city of Willow Ridge. Willow Ridge is the city two towns over. You know the one. From serial killers to maniac puppets, American Graveyard is a spooky good time.

[I am currently seeking representation to shop this book.]


In my spare time, I train my pet rats, go fishing with my French bulldog, and play tabletop Roleplaying games. My favorite TTRPG is Dungeons & Dragons, and over the years I’ve scratched my fantasy itch by writing and posting adventures on These free one-shot modules are great for someone brand new to D&D, or those in need of a break from their active campaign. Grab some friends and relax for a night with crazy film-inspired adventures like Potions 11, or Three Orcs and a Baby.


If you're interested in working together or reading my work, contact me at

- Dale

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